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igDataChart stackedBar animation


I have an igDataChart with the same data structure than this one:

I've tried many different things but I just can't get the animations to work. I'm not sure if I have to use isTransitionInEnabled: true in the outer series or the inner series (fragments). The first option doesn't seem to make any difference and the second option throws a JavaScript error.

I think the most appropriate animation would be something similar to the one shown in this page for the "Column" chart. Some kind of slide from the y-axis zero to the corresponding value for each bar/fragment.

How can I do this?


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    Offline posted

    It's been a month I still have no answer. I really need to get this to work.

    Here the JavaScript error I get if I try to set transitionDuration in the inner-series object.

    Need an answer ASAP.

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