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IgniteUI igDataChart updating series datasource in javascript dynamically


I followed the given steps in ( in order to add dynamically new series to igDataChart. 

As a summary, my JavaScript code for initializing chart is a follows:

  function initializeDataChart() {
                isHorizontalZoomEnabled: true,
                isVerticalZoomEnabled: true,
                windowResponse: "immediate",
                width: "100%",
                axes: [
                        type: "numericX",
                        name: "xAxis",
                        stroke: "black",
                        strokeThickness: 1,
                        LabelTopMargin: 10,
                        labelAngle: 0,
                        labelExtent: 50,
                        formatLabel: function (item) {
                            var date = new Date(item);
                            return date.toLocaleString();

                    }, {
                        type: "numericY",
                        name: "yAxis",
                        stroke: "black",
                        strokeThickness: 1,
                        majorStroke: "lightGrey",
                        labelExtent: 50,
                        formatLabel: function (item) {
                            return item.toFixed(2);

and for creating new series:

 createSeries(deviceName, devicePoints);
                                   series: series,

function createSeries(deviceName, points) {

            var s1 = {
                type: "scatterLine",
                name: deviceName,
                markerType: "circle",
                thickness: 1,
                tooltipTemplate: "tooltipTemplate",
                xAxis: "xAxis",
                yAxis: "yAxis",
                xMemberPath: "TimeStampTotalMillisecond",
                yMemberPath: "Value",
                trendLineThickness: 3,
                showTooltip: true,
                title: deviceName,
                dataSource: points,
                legend: { element: "legend" }


Now, I want to clear series completely preparing to the next data by using the following code, but cannot delete current series data and still see it in igDataChart:

 function clearDataChartFunction() {
            var chartCurrentSeries = $("#chart").igDataChart("option", "series");
            var arrayLength = chartCurrentSeries.length;
            for (var i = 0; i < arrayLength; i++) {
                chartCurrentSeries[i].dataSource = [];
                $("#chart").igDataChart("notifyVisualPropertiesChanged", chartCurrentSeries[i].name);
            series = [];
                series: series
            $("#chart").igDataChart("renderSeries", "xAxis", true);

  • What is the correct way to clear igDataChart in my situation?
  • Is there any method to call that would enforce rendering igDataChart? 
  • Which event(s) are triggered after loading data in igDataChart?

Best regards.