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igHierarchicalGrid don't show child rows on late binding


I'm trying to use the igHierarchicalGrid for a web page.
For this child rows (also multiple child levels later) have to be loaded on demand (expand the root row). The data will be loaded via an AJAX call. The main issue that I have is that after expanding the row the child grid will be displayed only with the header row but without data rows even when the json datasoure has the child items as an array.

To find the problem I started to play with the standard examples from Infragistics.

I used the following example (without load-on-demand) :
So I just changed some rows and I got the situation that I have on my own code.
You can find the changed example here

1. I changed the init of the data source to an empty object (line 5)
    ....dataSource: [], // northwind...

2. I add two lines for binding (129,130)
  $("#hierarchicalGrid").igGrid("dataSourceObject", northwind);

When I run this so rows of the root level will be displayed, the first row will be expanded but I shows only header and summary.

Can someone tell me what is the misstake?



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