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igGridUpdating for child row of igHierarchicalGrid

How do I refer to the row being updated in a hierarchical grid when the row is a child? I need to do this in order to change other cells in the row based upon a combo box selection. This is how I do it for the top level of an igGrid:

function vetlicensechanged(ui) {

var vetLicenseID = ui.items[0].data.VetLicenseID;
var vetLicense;

for (i = 0; i < vetLicensesJSON.length; i++) {
vetLicense = vetLicensesJSON[i];
if (vetLicense.vetLicenseID == vetLicenseID) {

$("#dispatchgrid").igGridUpdating("editorForKey", "VetName").igTextEditor("value", vetLicense.vetName.trim());
$("#dispatchgrid").igGridUpdating("editorForKey", "VetLic").igTextEditor("value", vetLicense.vetLic.trim());
$("#dispatchgrid").igGridUpdating("editorForKey", "VetInformation").igTextEditor("value", vetLicense.vetInformation.trim());


But this technicque does not work when the combo box event fires from the child row.

How do I accomplish this?



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    Offline posted

    OK, I figured this out.  I needed to iterate the child grid collection, looking specifically for the grid in editing mode.  From there I could access the grid's igUpdating object:

    function drugchanged(ui) {

    var childGrids = $('#dispatchgrid').igHierarchicalGrid('allChildren');

    var drugID = ui.items[0].data.DrugID;
    var drug;

    for (i = 0; i < drugsJSON.length; i++) {
    drug = drugsJSON[i];
    if (drug.drugID == drugID) {

    childGrids.each(function (index, grid) {
    if ($(grid).igGridUpdating('isEditing')) {
    $(grid).igGridUpdating('editorForKey', 'DrugName').igTextEditor('value', drug.productName.trim());