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Special character '<' at the start of string does not display the data

Hello, I am currently using Infragistics grid for my ASP .NET MVC project.

I have a sample string data like '<ABCD>' in the database. When I display it using the grid, only the data with '<' character at the start of the string data is not display. How can I fix it?

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    Hello Kristine,

    I’ve investigated the described behavior and was able to determine that when the grid receives data like “<ABC>” it interprets that as an HTML element and is rendered like that on the screen. Because this element is not recognized it appears as an empty cell. In order to display "<ABC>" as string, the symbol “<” should  be replaced with “&lt” and “>” with “&gt”.

    Please test it on your side and let me know if you need any further information regarding this matter.


    Aleksandar Atanasov,


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