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Hover on Column Header in igGrid without MVC

I have a column with heading "Unit #" and I would like to display "Unit ID-Not Editable" when mouse hiovers on it. igGrid is in a webform and not in MVC.

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    Hello vnt_prabhu,

    In order to add tooltip to the column header you should add "title" attribute to the "th" element of the column. Each "th" element has "id" attribute which has the following structure "<gridId>_<columnKey>" where <gridId> is the id of the grid and <columnKey> is the key of the column.

    Here is the example code:


    Code Snippet
    1. <script type="text/javascript">
    2. var adventureWorks = [{"ProductID":1},{"ProductID":2},{"ProductID":3},{"ProductID":4},{"ProductID":5},{"ProductID":6}];
    3.     $(window).load(function () {
    4.     $("#grid1").igGrid({
    5.         columns: [
    6.             { headerText: "Product ID", key:"ProductID", dataType:"number", width: "100px"}
    7.         ],
    8.         autoGenerateColumns: false,
    9.         dataSource: adventureWorks
    10.     });
    11.     $("#grid1_ProductID").attr("title", "my custom title");
    12. });
    13. </script>


    Hope this helps,

    Martin Pavlov,

    Infragistics, Inc.

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