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Hover on Column Header in igGrid without MVC

I have a column with heading "Unit #" and I would like to display "Unit ID-Not Editable" when mouse hiovers on it. igGrid is in a webform and not in MVC.

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    Following approach worked for me:

    1. <script type="text/javascript">
    2. var adventureWorks = [{"ProductID":1},{"ProductID":2},{"ProductID":3},{"ProductID":4},{"ProductID":5},{"ProductID":6}];
    3.     $(window).load(function () {
    4.     $("#grid1").igGrid({
    5.         columns: [
    6.             { headerText: "Product ID", key:"ProductID", dataType:"number", width: "100px"}
    7.         ],
    8.         autoGenerateColumns: false,
    9.         dataSource: adventureWorks,
    10.         rendered: function() {$("#grid1_ProductID").attr("title", "my custom title");}
    11.     });
    12. });
    13. </script>
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