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Form's POST method instead of UpdateUrl called

I am using ASP.Net MVC and IgniteUI. I have a form which contains form fields to be filled and this form will be posted through Form's POST method named "CreateJournal", I also have a grid which has an UpdateUrl named "SaveJournalDetail" which I have to call before Form submission so that the grid data is also saved on "SUBMIT" button.  There is only one submit button and the UpdateUrl as well as Form's POST method have to be triggered through this same button.

The issue:

Scenatio1:When I fill the whole form and there is no error(Validation or any other) the Form's POST method is called therefore the "igtranscations" from grid are lost because "SaveJournalDetail" is never called.

Scenario2:When I fill the form with some errors(Validation or any other) which means the form fails to POST, the UpdateUrl is called. In this scenario I am able to get the "igtransactions" in "SaveJournalDetail" method but "CreateJournal" (Form's POST method) is never called resulting in form data not being posted.

Why is this happening? Scenario2 ensures that my syntax for Updating is fine because it works when POST fails. A short sample could also help.