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Date is one day behind although EnableUtcDates= true


My dates in the grid are being displayed one day behind even though I have set the EnableUtcDates(true).

I have enabled UTCDates in my grid model through the MVC GridModel() method like this :

            GridModel GetGridModel(selectedRow) {

            GridModel gridModel = new GridModel();
            gridModel.ID = "MyGrid";
            gridModel.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
            gridModel.PrimaryKey = selectedRow.PrimaryKey;
            gridModel.Width = "100%";
            gridModel.Height = "400px";
            gridModel.EnableUTCDates = true;

    .... ....// other settings

    ..... ...... 

             return gridModel;


1) The date I get from server is 7/1/2012 00:00:00.000 & the grid displays 6/30/2012  (Here the month & day both are decremented because of 1st date)

2) The date I get from server is 11/11/2014 00:00:00.000 & the grid displays 11/10/2014 (Here only the day is decremented)


This issue is also discussed here but the answer suggests to enable UTCDates feature of the grid.

I have enabled UtcDates, I am still facing the issue. What am I doing wrong?