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Export igGrid to excel


I'm using IgniteUI grid. Its datasource is a JSON object obtanied via AJAX. The grid is locally paged and filtered. I need to export the entire set of results (using filters applied but without mattering the paging).

I've seen Ingragistics Excel overview but it doesn't use the filter. Even if I could add filter parameters, I would have to get the data from the DB again, and I'd like to avoid that.

I've also seen Client Side Excel Library but I couldn't get it working. Also, I need to support IE9+, and that solution is not IE9 compatible. It could be make IE9 compatible posting the data to the server, and genereting the file to download from the server, however I also read that: "the client side excel export is still in CTP and therefore not recommended or supported to be used in production environment" in this post.

So, how can I do to export the grid? Maybe somehow serializing its information and posting it to the server?