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Change 'add condition' drop down value

Hello, I've a grid with advanced filtering and in some cases I add filters programatically like this:

function createFilters(criteria) {
    var colSettings = $grid.igGridFiltering("option", "columnSettings"),
        filters = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < colSettings.length; i++) {
        var e = colSettings[i];
        if (e.allowFiltering) {
                fieldName: e.columnKey,
                expr: criteria,
                cond: "contains",
                logic: "OR"
    $grid.igGridFiltering("filter", filters, true);

The problem is that the default value for the 'add condition' drop down is "ALL" and not "ANY". So if the user opens the dialog and applies it without changing anything, the results will change (I build the filters using OR logic, and the dialog specifies AND logic).

I want to be able to change programatically the selected value in 'add condition' drop down to "ANY". How can I do this?