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regarding IgrFinancialChart. I have two data sources (one is old-data or static and other is real-time) how can I manage to merge them ? need help.

hello there,

I am working on a project in which i am using this IgrFinancialChart chart.

so basically I want to make a real-time candlestick chart that update according to the values that i am receiving through a websoket.

basically I have some old data (historic data) like from tomorrow mid-night to current time. and from current time i have real-time data that is coming from websockets.

so I want to merge that both data.

Some how i managed to show old data but when i push new data (from websokets ) its not getting displayed by chart. i.e. chart is not updating.

I am attaching a short video for better understanding. you can see in the video that chart is not updating but data is coming (you can see in console. ).

need help.

thanks in advance. and let me know if you don't understand the problem i will explain more briefly.