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Issue with new IgrGrid


I want some clarification on the new IgrGrid (

1) Earlier in IgrDataGrid we have IgrDateTimeColumn in which we can display DateTime in our format but now in IgrGrid we have IgrColumn in which I'm unable to display DateTime in this format -> (dd/mm/yyyy, hours:min:sec AM). I used the same approach that I have used earlier but the format which is appearing on the UI is (month date, year,hours:min:sec AM) eg: (July 20, 2023, 10:14:06 AM). So how can I display the same in (dd/mm/yyyy, hours:min:sec AM) format (eg: 07/10/2023, 10:14:06 AM).

2) Earlier in IgrDataGrid we set a property "sortable:true" in a column in order to give the functionality of sorting and same we can do in IgrGrid, but in IgrDataGrid the sorting indicator can only be seen when we click on the header but in IgrGrid the sorting indicator can be seen from the very starting. So, how to display the sorting indicator only when we click on the header?

3) In IgrDataGrid we have grid.loadLayout() (at time of grid ref) option but now in IgrGrid I'm unable to find this option. So how to use loadLayout and saveLayout thing in IgrGrid?

4) In IgrGrid when we display the grid on UI without data then in the middle it is written that "Grid has no data" (refer the ss attached). How to remove this text and keep it blank?

Please refer all the above mentioned points and suggest the approach to achieve the same point wise.

Best Regards

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