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Need Infragistics Dev Assistance: UltraWebTree v10.3

Taking a shot in the dark...I know this is an old, unsupported version and control but I am so close to getting this huge application working in Google Chrome I just have to give it a shot. So right now the app works fine in IE but some nodes do NOT trigger a load event in Google Chrome; I dug into the JS files and I think I have a fix but no matter what I change, nothing changes. So I think this version uses the web resources and therefore the scripts are compiled in the DLLs right? So that is a dead end. BUT is there a way to disable the web resources or just point the app or the control to a script directory or a new ig_webtree.js file or somehow override the function that I think is causing the issue? I hope so.

I really would like a developer to chime in to either say don't bother it can't be done OR the reason why this control doesn't work in Chrome is because of X, Y, and Z. You will need to order to fix.

I have been using Infragistics controls almost all my career and I have yet to come across an issue that I could not resolve or work around. Hoping this continues...