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Overlapping screenpart of the menu covers my button animations on the pages

I have a top menu bar which is a screen part. I am trying to use this on all my pages. I have animated the actions of the icons and menu items on this so that drop downs appear. It appears though that the only way my drops down will show on my pages is if I expand the screen part height so that it covers the page on the top and then my drop downs appear as you would expect above the other content. Unfortunately, however this means that any buttons or other animation on the page itself is covered by this invisible top layer and do not work in prototype view.

If I allow the page animations to work by only letting the top menu screen part have the height of itself then any animations fire on the menu, but the drop downs do not display.

Please can someone help me find a solution to this problem? It seems like a very common challenge that people might have, but I can not find any similar questions that were answered here with a solution, so I feel like I might be missing something obvious. :-)

Thank you so much