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Interactions on Screenpart not executed when interaction added to same element in screen

Just purchased the Indigo Studio product and have a dilemma. May need a re-design, but wanted to know if something can work.

I have a complex UI to mock up. I need to perform some interactions on a ScreenPart while also performing some interactions on the main screen that the screenpart is a part of.


Network-ScreenPart (inserted into MainNav-Screen)

- Button 1 - Taps/Click Interaction to change state on this ScreenPart


- Network-ScreenPart added to MainNav-Screen

-- Button 1 - Taps/Click Interaction to change state on parent (MainNav-Screen)

It appears that adding an Interaction to a ScreenPart on a Screen overrides any ScreenPart defined Interactions. Is there any way to not override but add to or supplement. Do interactions on Screen then do interactions on ScreenPart?

Is there a way to make this happen?

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    As I'm building a simple illustration, I see my error. Or real question. It appears that I was mistaken. When editing the Screenpart in the Screen, I can only add one Taps/Clicks interaction. What would be cool is to be able to add multiple Taps/Clicks Interactions. The one in the Screenpart will do what I want to be reusable. The additional Interactions will allow me to make state changes to the host Screen.

    I'm sorry for the error in my original post. What I posted was how I hoped it would work. But I see I can only add one Interaction type per element.

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