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Commenting on States clarification

Hey all,

Was just wondering if you could clarify what the perceived workflow would be with dealing with comments on states. Here's what I thought:

  • View comment on a state
  • Fix issue.
  • Archive comment.

Was a little confused cause when I clicked Follow Up, I think my first thoughts were that I would be able to comment on that issue as if it was a thread or if I needed clarification. I noticed that when I click Follow Up, it changes to "resolve." Is that just saying I have to work on it again? I was almost thinking it made more sense to have Follow Up and Resolved as the main with the archive as the third. If I needed clarification, I would click Follow Up to discuss and if I finished it, I would make it "Resolved" and then one of us could archive it when it's reviewed and completed. 

Again, not trying to tell you to change anything...just the thoughts I had when I saw it and wondered if maybe I was using it wrong, etc.