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Sharing my prototypes with whole team on

Hey there guys,

Was wondering if there's a way to share all of my prototypes with certain people without sending them private links. For instance, when I log into, and when I see all of the prototypes, couldn't I give other team members the same access I have? To see all of my files? I "thought" there was a way to do this but for some reason can't figure it out. I went to the additional actions but I just see the ability to share private links to others. 



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    Hi, Charles!
    Thanks for contacting us.
    In current version we don't have a way to invite other team members to access to your prototypes, but I'm glad to tell you that I next release it is going to be supported.
    Meanwhile, you can create a Collection with all the prototypes that you want to share and share the link of the collection instead of sharing the link of each prototype. To add a collection you only have to:
    - Go to My Shares and select the prototypes that you want to share.
    - After you select them, click the add to collection icon
    - Enter a name to the collection and click Create button
    - Go to Collections (this option is on the left menu)
    - Select the added collection and get its link from the link icon in the collection detail
    Please, let us know if we can be of further assistance.
    Best regards,
    Indigo Studio Team