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Animations effect screen interactions


I have difficulties in animations in Indigo Studio.

It seams that adding animations affect iteractions between screens/screenparts.
Iteractions behave differently with and without animation.

I have created an example to illustrate that.
The situation is common in our projects - expandable menu, which items call popup dialogs.

In the MenuTestWithOutAninations directory there is a project in which everything works perfectly (this is the desired behavior), but there is no animations at all.

In the MenuTestWithAnination1 directory there is the same project with one animation added, which causes the popup dialog to drop from above.
But in this case, after closing that popup dialog, the menu collapses (This does not happen in previous example).

In the MenuTestWithAnination2 directory there is the same project as original (MenuTestWithOutAninations) but with one other animation added, which causes the menu items to expand slowly.
In this case, after collapsing the expanded menu item and expanding it again, it is not possible to click on the menu item any more (somehow the hot spot has disappeared).

I use Indigo Studio Version 2016 Vol.2 (Update 2).

Could you, please, provide work around to the problems described above.

Best wishes!
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    Hello Rositsa,

    First of all, thanks for the excellent bug report and example!

    Our team has confirmed the issue and found the cause and a fix. This happens because, when the back interaction is animated, the state you are going back to (the Start state in your example) gets re-applied from scratch, so all the screenparts are added back again in their original state.

    This shouldn't be the case, unless you explicitly ask for it (which you can do when defining a 'switch to state' interaction).

    We will publish an update in with this fix the next week, so at least your prototype will work correctly if shared with others through, and we'll include it for Indigo Studio in the next update.

    Regrettably there are no good workarounds. What you could do is add the screenparts on a state before the one where you have the interaction that makes the popup dialog appear. For example, you can create a screen with a Start state that has all the screenparts added, and an automatic transition to a next state (which you can create by adding an opening animation and then a transition at the end of the timeline, as described here and here I'm attaching this solution using your example, but is an ugly workaround in any case.

    Thanks again!

    Kind regards,