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Indigo Studio (Desktop) in a virtual machine

With the release of macOS Catalina, Silverlight is no longer supported as it is 32-bit and therefore Indigo Studio will no longer work.

While I have transition over to Sketch and the Indigo Design assets for Sketch, I still have existing designs and prototypes that need to be maintained.

Using VMWare Fusion I created a virtual machine for macOS High Sierra so I could still run 32-bit application as needed. However, Indigo Studio will not get past the "Splash" page -- it will not load the user interface. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Silverlight in the environment, but it appears to be running. The problem appears to be Indigo Studio.

Here's a screenshot of Indigo Studio runnin in macOS High Sierra in a virtual machine (VMWare Fusion)...

I am able to run Indigo Studio in Windows 10 Pro, running in a virtual machine (VMWare Fusion) and it does work OK. But I am unable to view Code Snippets. It displays "An error happened while generating the Code Snippet".

Here's a screenshot of Indigo Studio running on Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) in a virtual machine (VMWare Fusion)...

Has anyone tried to create a virtual machine on their Mac, and are able to run Indigo Studio and access all of it's feature (ie. Code Snippets)?

FYI... I also install Parallels (competitor to VMWare Fusion) and with the same problems

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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks, you've done a great job describing the different approaches.

    For the first case, Fusion / High Sierra, we think that there's a problem with Silverlight and video hardware acceleration in virtualized environment.

    For the Fusion / Windows, the issue is that Code Snippets module is not being able to handle network paths, you should be able to work around this limitation if you open your projects through a mapped drive.

    Indigo Studio documents path probably looks like this: \\Mac\Home\Documents\Indigo Studio

    By opening Windows Explorer you can check if there's already a mapped drive created for your Mac's "Home" directory.
    If so, just close your Indigo Studio project, and browse for it again making sure that you do so through the mapped drive, then you should be able to use Code Snippets.

    If there's no mapped drive you can create your own:
    - Create a mapped drive:
      * Open Windows explorer
      * Right click in "This PC"
      * Map Network Drive
      * H: -> \\Mac\Home

    If want to make it your default location, move your Documents folder:
    - Open Windows explorer
    - Right click on your Windows Documents folder (left pane) and select "properties"
    - Open "location" tab
    - Replace \\Mac\Home\... with H:\... and confirm. When you get prompted whether to move your documents, answer "no".

    You'll still need to re-open your existing projects through your mapped drive.

    I hope this helps

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