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"it doesn't exist in Indigo.Design Sketch UI Kit"

I have got hold of a mac, setup sketch, designed a simple to page prototype, run the code generator, and it throws an error as below. what am i doing wrong?

it throws and error but does generate code, but when i run it none of the things on the page i designed are visible. i am expecting a carbon copy as seen on your video.

sketch url :

error log below.

Customer Information Messages for Test%20from%20Sketch.sketch

Ignoring symbol 'deatils/icon + title' used in page since it doesn't exist in Indigo.Design Sketch UI Kit.
Ignoring symbol 'details/product' used in page since it doesn't exist in Indigo.Design Sketch UI Kit.
Ignoring symbol 'file upload/document/remove/presentation' used in page since it doesn't exist in Indigo.Design Sketch UI Kit.
Symbol not found parent name: Login, class name: symbolInstance, Object name: Deatils/Icon + Title, symbolId: 3E942E8E-7F23-40C6-A078-E8084AD8ECBB, this object will not be rendered.
Symbol not found parent name: No parent, class name: symbolInstance, Object name: Deatils/Icon + Title, symbolId: 3E942E8E-7F23-40C6-A078-E8084AD8ECBB, this object will not be rendered.
Symbol not found parent name: No parent, class name: symbolInstance, Object name: Details/Product, symbolId: 83786599-2FCC-452D-A753-346D87393712, this object will not be rendered.
Symbol not found parent name: No parent, class name: symbolInstance, Object name: File Upload/Document/Remove/Presentation, symbolId: A6C8AFDA-FA2F-4333-A62F-D51AC0201D56, this object will not be rendered.
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    Offline posted

    Hi Andrew,

    I think you just need to detach the symbol for the "details/icon + title", "details/product" and "file upload/document/remove/presentation" symbols that are in your page.  These symbols come from our Indigo-Patterns library and in order to generate those they need to be detached.

    You can detach them by right clicking on the element and selecting "Detach from Symbol" from the context menu.  This will turn the symbol into a Group/Folder.  Inside this group you will see the individual parts that make up the element and now you should be able to generate this element in your Artboard.

    We have a section in our documentation for the different components we provide so I recommend taking a look at them to see if there is anything special you need to do for them to work with code generation.  For example, here is the documentation for the "Icon + Title" pattern:

    Let me know if you have any questions.