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Best methodology

My company has been developing .net windows desktop apps for 10 yrs with the infragistics toolset. We have been looking into what best method to start migrating to web apps.  Yesterday, I watched an amazing demo of the new app builder. it looks exactly what we need to jump start our effort and eliminate(or at least flatten) layers of learning curve.

Can we use as a prototyping system to use as as an import into the new app builder tool or do we need to wait to use the Adobe XD interface being worked on ?

Our final desired destination are Angular apps.

Thank you

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    Hi, David, thank you for your kind word about our demo! Saying "Can we use as a prototyping system" you mean Indigo.Design Adobe/Sketch/Figma kits? Integrating Sketch/AdobeXD/Figma parser in the Indigo.Design App Builder is next step on our roadmap, starting with Sketch adaptor, so it is not available now. However, now you can create your application in the Indigo.Design App Builder without using vector components but real components, as well as to benefit from the Flexbox layout capabilities. That is a great starting point if you create your app from scratch. I hope that replies to your question. 
    Thank you and wish you happy holidays!

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