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App Builder external http images

I am trying to use some images in App Builder but it is not working. I have created my own images and I have hosted them on my own web space. I do not have a SSL so I wonder if this is a problem. If I use the images from one of the supplied sample apps then this works.

Is this a SSL issue (http v https) or do the images need to be hosted on the Infragistics cloud?

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    Hi, as you figured out it's an http/https issue. Some browsers (e.g. Chrome) block all "Mixed Content" by default and that's why it refuses to load your images. Right now your only option is to host them over https. You can probably upload them to Google Drive or One Drive and set them to public or share to anyone with the link and get the download link for each one.

    I'll log an issue about this, in the future we might consider adding a workaround for this situation or even allow you to upload the files directly into the Appbuilder.

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