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Figma Indigo plugin fails to create app for App Builder.

Using Figma at and I have installed the Indigo Design plugin. When choosing the Create New App menu option I get dialog popup "We opened your browser to sign in" overlaid with "You can't fnd the sign in screen. Let's try again" and an OK button. The "Let's try again" hyperlink cannot be clicked and OK does nothing. 

If it makes any odds I'm using a traial version of App Builder.

Was following the process outlined in this video featuring Jason Beres and George Abraham.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or is it a bug?


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    Hello Anthony,

    Thank you for posting on our forums.

    Are you using the figma desktop app, or the browser version. 

    If you are using the browser version, make sure to check if there aren't any pop-ups blocked by your browser, as your security checks might be blocking the new window. 

    If you are using the desktop version, can you please logout and see if it will successfully navigate you to figma to log in first?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    TIhomir Tonev
    Software Developer