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when i share a proto on your servers, who has access to this data and what kind of 

policy do you have on this? I don't want some Infragistic employee to see our work or prototype app ideas 

and maybe steal them for there own development?

It makes me uncomfortable to only share my interactive design at your servers..

An export to HTML to host it on our own servers would be a very pleasant feature that i really mis in the product!

For the rest, great and very promising product!

Best regards, Halil.

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    A lot has been going on since you wrote. I'm glad to tell you that our current version supports exporting your prototypes to HTML. Here you can find more information about this feature. We also have Indigo On-prem. In this link you can find more information about our on-prem solution.

    Once again, thank you for helping us make Indigo better. If you have any questions or more feedback about the product, we'd love to get your thoughts.

    Best regards,
    Indigo Studio Team

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