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Bugs - Text Area - Ediiting failure


 I would like to report a bug about the text area editing feature. 


 1.) Create a text area
 2.) Copy some sentence to the text area. e.g.: Fusce rutrum faucibus sem, eget vulputate eros congue ut. Maecenas varius massa at tortor blandit eu rhoncus eros viverra.
 3.) Modify the text area size a little bit, for example to not display the last line.
 4.) Change the focus from the text area.
 5.) Double click on the text area. (In this case all the text inside the text area will be selected.)
 6.) Click into text area at the end of the text.

 Result: The default bolding selection disappears, but the cursor still remains at the same place

 Expected Result: After the deselection the cursor follow the displayed text end point.

 p.s.: Is there any possibility to raise a bug to you in a proper place? Not here in the general discussion forum? Thanks!


 Zsolt Molnar

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