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Remember highlighting change in runtime

It would be really nice to have Indigo Studios remember settings.  The biggest one that annoys me is the Highlight interactive element, and I have to mark Don't Highlight interactive element each time I run my screen.  Be nice if it remembered my setting from run to run.


In addition, would also be nice to have application level setting to change what color is used for hightlight (that's what bothers me more is the yellowish color used).

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    This is a big issue for me too.  have to mark Don't Highlight interactive element each time I run my screen.   its ESPECIALLY a problem when sharing prototypes for user testing.   You may not want the test participants to immediately see/know what elements are interactive.   for example... i'm testing navigation.  I don't want my test participants to open up a brand new site with 50 links.... and immediately see the 10 we are testing (because they are highlighted... their eye is immediately drawn to it).   Note -- I'm doing most User tests remotely (worldwide customers) so we do UT via screen sharing.  the participant has immediate control of the prototype so its hard to 'stop' them from seeing the highlights when they fully control the screen from their remote location.

    Please provide a way to shut off or remember settings.  The highlight issue is one of several. another one I posted earlier today was remembering the last saved path for a prototype.  when saving to an internal server its a pain to respecify the exact path every time.... very tedious if you share/publish many times a day

    Thanks for listening -- Dave

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