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Indigo "not responding" after startup - how to delete user data in profile?

We (theres around 4 of us) are using Indigo to wireframe a couple of applications, and we love it. We having Indigo "installed" on a shared readonly drive and are running it from there. Due to some earlier installation issues (documented in the "nothing happens after start" thread) we have extracted the exe and config file, put it on a shared readonly network drive and are running it that way. So far, it appears to work well in this installation configuration.

Except for one thing. One of our users tried starting up Indigo today, and is having a problem. The splash screen comes up and goes away normally, and it then appears to be loading the last project loaded. This process seems to go on forever, using 100% of one of the cores, and eating up memory. We have let it run for hours (or until it exhausts memory) with no end in sight.

After doing a little bit of investigation, it appears to be related to his user profile (Windows 8, member of a domain). If I have someone else login with a differnet username on the same machine, opening up the same project from the same place, it works for that person.

So - I was wondering if there is a dir with user specific cache type files/info that I could delete so we could start him out "Fresh" again?

Thanks for any help,


ps should mention that we are running the latest release from a week or two ago.