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Scrolling the 'viewport'

First up, liking the tool alot.

Now the question, is there a way to run the interactions on a page and be able to scroll the content when it is larger than the view area?

Not sure if I saw this during your sneek peek, something I missed in version one, or just wishful thinking. To restate in a different manner, I am working on a page that extends outside the view area to represent a long page. When I run the page it truncates to just the view area and things outside the area are not rendered. What I would like to see is a small scroll bar appear and now the content can be moved natively with various inputs (mouse, trackpad etc).

Keep up the great work!

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    Hi Jason!

    To do scrolling in v1, if you resize the canvas to be longer than the browser/screen size, it should let you scroll, as in this example where I set the height of the canvas to 2000.

    If you want a scrolling region, look at the comments here for a workaround.

    In v2, we are adding the concept of a viewport, and the canvas size will still dictate where you can scroll. What the viewport will do is give you control over the visible area of the canvas and let you, e.g., pan/scroll to a specific place as part of an interaction.

    So if you want elements "off screen" that you move in, you put those outside the canvas. If you want elements that the user can scroll/pan to, you would extend the canvas to encapsulate those elements, and it will let them do so.


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