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error message during the installation


I get the following error message during the installation:

It looks like you are missing a couple of things  that Indigo needs. Use the buttons bellow to download and install them.

Get Silverlight 5

Cet .NET Framework 4.0

Silverlight and .net had been installed on my system (Win 7 x64). I've tried reinstalling  both of the  programms, but still get the same message.

How can I fix this problem?

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    If we can get a log file of the installation, we may be able to determine why the installation isn't able to satisfy the prerequisites.  To generate one, start up a command prompt as an administrator, go to the directory the MSI is in and use this command line:

    msiexec /i IndigoStudio.msi /lvx* log.txt

    Go through the normal steps you've gone through to reproduce the error, end the installation, and then we can look through the complete log file to examine for errors.

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