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Remove Prototypes from Indigo servers


I need to remove my prototypes off the Indigo servers as soon as possible. I don't know how to do that myself so I would appreciate a solution to this confidentiality problem as soon as you someone is available. Can someone please help me with this problem?



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    Offline posted

    Hi, Marsha.

    If you are worried about the confidentiality aspect, our license agreement may shed some light. I have included the relevant bits of our LA here:


    C.  Any prototype posted by You will be generally available via its URL for a minimum of 12 months from the date of posting to the Infragistics server(s).  Infragistics will not examine the contents of any password-protected URL (or the prototype(s) contained therein); except, to the extent requested by You, Your employees, contractors, consultants, and agents or to the extent Infragistics reasonably believes the materials located at such URL violate the terms of this Section III or applicable laws.  You agree to provide Infragistics’ with all relevant information reasonably requested to enable Infragistics to authenticate Your password-protected URLs.  Infragistics will remove any posted prototype at Your request; provided, that You can establish to Infragistics’ reasonable satisfaction that such posted prototype is Yours.

    You can review our entire license agreement here.
    I am posting a response here in case there are other users with a similar concern or request.
    Go ahead and email INDIGO [AT], we will try to get it off as soon as we can. 
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    Hi Marsha,

    Do you know the URLs for those prototypes?

    If so, please send them to indigo at

    If not, please send us the name of some files/images you have in it, so we can scan the public shared prototypes looking for them.