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Indigo vs axure or is this tool made to compete with Axure


As someone that is familiar with Axure and just came across theIndigo Studio tool, I was wondering... is this going to give me the same flexibility as Axure? Can we put them under the same level of product OR this tool meant to compete with the Balsamiq level of tools.

I played with the tool a little bit and watched the demo videos and I have to say that it looks really cool, but is it going to be worth while to make it as my main tool?

* Now I know that I am in the indigo forum and the answer naturally be shifted toward the Indigo studio but I would appreciate an honest answer, is this tool made to compete with Axure?

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    Hi Yaniv,

    Yes, we consider Axure a direct competitor. Does that help? :) 

    We are approaching the problem from a slightly different angle from Axure and other similar prototyping tools. We approach Indigo as a holistic interaction design tool. Our goal is not simply to provide, functionally, a way to do codeless prototyping, but to do it in a way that best suits good interaction design and just fits in a good design process.

    One area where we focus, for example, is rapid, throw away, story-based prototype sketches. Another area is making interactions core/central and not an afterthought that you have to squeeze into special "dynamic panels." To define them, you just design it like you want it, and we help you visualize and think through them instead of having to run it just to remember what it does. Our approach is very flow (story) driven, and that's also why we integrate storyboards into the tool. We also get rid of all the panel/UI clutter, so that you can focus on your own designs, not ours.

    If you want an idea of what we're working on and will be working on, a pretty good indicator is our product ideas forum. You can use that to vote on what is important to you and influence the direction and priorities of the product. 

    Hope this helps!

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