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Managing State

Hello all,

This is my first post in the forum. Before we get to the issue, I wish to thank the entire development and product team of Indigo Studio for building such a beautiful product. Love you guys...

Have a situation that I have not been able to figure out a solution. Need your help. Here we go: let's say, I have two text boxes (A & B) on screen-x. Accordingly, have added to two new states when each of the text boxes is tapped by the user (A leads to A'B and B leads to AB'). User can choose to start with A or B (meaning, no predefined sequence). When on A'B , tapping on B takes me to AB' . So, it always goes back and forth. I would like to get to a new state (A'B') when both the text boxes have been filled-in. There are indirect ways to solve this problem in the tool (for example, add a different event altogether on A'B and AB') but they don't appear natural to me. What would be good instead if I had a chance to override an event that was added earlier in the interaction flow and thereby navigate to a state I wish to reach to.

Maybe, it is already possible in studio that I am not aware of. Any suggestion?     

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