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Indigo Studio hangs during loading screen


When I open Indigo Studio, the loading screen is starting but never stops loading. The actual program never starts. The only thing I can do is close the loading screen window manually. My serial key was expired recently and I've ordered a new one, but it doesn't even let me enter the new key. I tried a complete re-install several times and also deleted the "Indigo Studio" folders from "My Documents" and the "AppData/Local". I tried the steps listed in other forum-post with similar problems.


  • Windows 7
  • Indigo version 4 (update 0.2)
  • Silverlight version 5.1.30514.0
  • win.log only contains: "2014-11-04 13:01:59.73 [901b67] [Info ] NativeHost: Initializing native host" (and "2014-11-04 13:05:20.95 [901b67] [Info ] NativeHost: Native host closing" if I close the loading-window)

Please let me know what other solutions I can try or if you need more information to help me.

Thanks in advance,