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Change state from iOS picker selection

Hi there

I want to change the state of a screen when the user changes the selection in an iOS 7 picker. This control is the equivalent of a dropdown, and using a dropdown, one can add different interactions to each dropdown item. But I can't do that to the items in the picker, I can only select the picker as a whole. Have I missed something?

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    Sorry for the late reply. Regrettably, there's no way yet to add interactions to elements selected on the picker.

    The main reason is that the interactions we expose on the dropdown items cannot be exposed on native iOS pickers, since the control is created by the operating system itself. To do this right, we would need to expose a 'selected' interaction on each of the items.

    There's an item on user voice asking for selected events on pickers. If you want, you can vote on the feature and add your specific requirements there.

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