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Adjustability on iOS 7 Tabs control

Is it possible to resize the tabs on the iOS 7 tabs control?

When I run the app simulator the final tab is cut off at the side of the screen because they're all a little too wide.

Also, it is possible to remove the icon altogether and just have the text.

I considered maybe loading my own blank image, but I didn't see an option to load my own icon.


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    Hi, David.

    Thank you for the image as it made it easier to understand.

    For the iOS pack, as much as possible, we have used the sizing/widths suggested by iOS guidelines. It's clipping because the tab container width is less than total minimum width of tab items. Each tab item has a min width of 110px. So it's best to set the size of the tab container in multiples of that. We will fix this such that the tab container never clips the tab menu item. In the meantime, you could select the last tab item and resize the tab container to visually match the width. 

    About changing icons, you can double click on the tab item to pick a new icon, or use the "Pick Icon" action via the property editor. Indigo Studio ships with 1500+ vector icons. Naturally, one can never have enough icons. At the moment we do not support importing external icons, but it's an idea you can vote up here: Vote on Choose External icons

    We did not add the support for just text in this style of tabs because we did not find it commonly used unlike the "segmented tabs" UI element. 

    Anything more we could explain better?