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Cannot remove right table border

I'm finding that I cannot remove a table's right vertical border even when setting line color to nothing, and 0 border width.

I inserted a table (from Lists & Pickers section of UI Elements) directly onto a screenpart canvas.  It is not placed inside a container or anything.

In other words, there are no screen elements above or below the table in the Z-Order.

You can see in the properties for the screenpart that I've set the thickness to 0 and line color to nothing.

I also set everything I could for the table itself to be no line.

But when running the screenpart, notice that it removed the left and center vertical lines, but you can see that the rightmost line is still there.

Any idea how I can remove that?

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    Hello David,

    What you did is fine. The missing piece is probably to set the Table to auto-width to it's content so no extra line is shown on the borders. You can do so by clicking on the w/h editor in the same property panel of your image and then click on the button next to the width (<->).

    The table is auto-sized by default and Indigo keeps it like that if you add or remove columns. This setting is removed only if you resize the Table or type a specific value in that w/h editor.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,


    Indigo Studio Team

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