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Using non-textual elements as grid cell content

The UI Elements - Table works and scrolls fine with the typical alphanumeric content, but it seems that the cells don't recognize other elements.

For example, it's not unusual at all to use images in an iOS tableView app, or iOS grid, such as your own Infragistics GridView.

So I placed an icon in the first column of my UI Elements - Table, but I noticed when I scroll the table horizontally, the icon's aren't attached to the table's cell, but rather float over the top as shown in the picture here.

Is there any way to attach non-textual content to a table cell?


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    Hi David,

    Currently our Tables only support text content on cells. To simulate that result you’ll need to use an extra Container Box wrapping the table and the icons or other UI elements. Here are the steps:

     - remove the horizontal scrollbar from the table by setting its width to auto-size

     - add a container and place the table inside it

     - enter to the container edit mode

     - increase the scrollable area of the container with the bottom right blue adorner to enable scroll on the whole container (not just the table)

     - add an new column to the table and draw the UI elements on top of the empty cells

    As the scrollable area is the parent container every element will be scrolled together with the table.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need help on any of the steps above.

    Attached there’s a screen with an icon column on the table as a sample. You can see it working here.

    Best regards,


    Indigo Studio Team