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Updating Links via code

Hello, long-term Studio user here. Is there an easy way to update a bunch of links manually via code instead of going to each link and relinking them through the application? For example, I'd like to change a reference to go to screen A instead of screen B. I have over 75 links to do this and would like to manually enter it somewhere instead of the cumbersome way to go through each link and navigating to it.

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    You have multiple references to "Screen A" and you want them to reference "Screen B" instead.

    1. Close your Indigo project.
    2. Go to your file manager, rename "Screen A", and then rename "Screen B" to "Screen A".
    3. Open your project to see the changes.

    This should solve the problem, as long as both "Screen A" and "Screen B" are in the same folder. Also, any references you originally had to "Screen B" will be lost.

    You could also change the xml for the screens with the links you want to update, but using the file manager is a safer option.

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    Indigo Studio Team