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Removing table row hover

Is there a way to remove the hover interaction from table rows? They turn a light grey, and i don't want them to change color at all.

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    Unfortunately, the hover interaction on table rows cannot be removed. If you do not have interactions defined on your table, you could add a transparent element on top (such as a container or rectangle). In this way the transparent element will be hovered instead of the table, therefore the light gray background will not be displayed on the table.

    If you do have interactions defined on your table or you need more control over the table structure or formatting, we suggest using a repeater control instead.

    Here you can find an example of a table created with two repeater controls:

    To view the sample you can download the .library and import it to an Indigo project. (for more information on screenpart libraries, please visit:

    In the sample, if you want to add new columns you can add an item to the repeater. To add/format rows, you can edit the repeater template and modify the column structure.

    I hope this helps!

    Please let us know if you have any other question.



    Indigo Studio Team