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Questions about ReportPlus

Hi.  I have some general questions about ReportPlus.

1. I have a WPF application where I have already created a dashboard using various XamDataCharts and filtering.  This is installed in a factory setting where the dashboard is displayed on a number of non-interactive large screen TVs and also on the interactive desktop of a few users throughout the plant.  Were I to convert this to use ReportPlus, what would the licensing terms be?  What constitutes a user?  I would guess that I would embedded ReportPlus in my WPF app.  Maybe later, I would have access via iPad or such.

2. I have to print out various paper forms / labels still used in the factory.  It seems ReportPlus is not the tool for this.  Does Infragistics have a tool to meet this need?

3. Does ReportPlus deal with live data?  For example, a continuous feed of data.