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Relation between tables using mySQL Datasource


nowhere I found some information about using Database Table relations

I have the following two tables in the mySQL Database:

ID  Typ        User
1   Mercedes  2
2   Audi         1
3   Honda      2

ID  Name
1   Martin
2   Bill
3   Bobo

I would like to create the following table in my dasboard:

Car         User
Mercedes  Bill
Audi         Martin
Honda      Bill

How can this be done?

Is it possible to have relations between tables or do I have to create a DB View for this?

Thanx, best Regards,


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    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for being our customer!

    In the current version yes, you need to create a DB View. In the next version you will be able to do a join at ReportPlus, though this may not be the best in terms of performance for mySQL.

    Does this answer your question?

    Please don't hesitate posting back should you need more help.

    Take care,