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Help connecting ReportPlus to SQL Azure

Has anyone connected ReportPlus to SQL Azure yet?

I am trying but getting frustrated.

I have used "" to find out my Ipad's IP address, and added it to the firewall rules in Azure.

I then created a connection using the following steps:


     Databasename: YYYYYYY

Then in the account section:

     I deleted the "no credentials" account

     I added a new one with no domain but the standard username/password that I know connects to the database.


I then get an error message "connection fails with the following error message: could not find stored procedure 'sp_databases'


I tried a different hostname:\YYYYYYYYYY

Then I got a different error message: "connection fails with the following error message: Instances YYYYYYYYY not found on server XXXXXXXX"


I tried changing the username to ZZZZZZZ@YYYYYYYY but that didn't work either - I got a "server name cannot be determined"

Finally I changed the username to ZZZZZZZZ@XXXXXX but still no joy.


Has anyone done this successfully?

I must be doing something wrong!