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Date filtering problem (works on XLS table but not on SQL DB)


I´m trying to use the native date filtering feature on a dashboard connected to a SQL DB but it´s not working.

I tried several possibilities on formating, and DB configuration without success. Are there any orientations on it that I could follow to the IT guys to provide/check in order for it to work or is it a sort or ReportPlus limitation?



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    Offline posted

    Hello Felipe,

    It's my understanding that filtering should work across all types of datasource types.

    I am going to require more information regarding your application.

    1. What seems to trigger this issue?
    2. Can this issue be reproduced? How? Please provide steps.
    3. Provide screenshots

    In order to properly assist you I test credentials and access to both your excel files and DB to reproduce the behavior. I will update you again to open a private case.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.