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Hey what happened?

With Report plus3  any ideas what to expect etc?


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    Suggested Answer

    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics.

    Here is a list of the new features that will be in ReportPlus 3.

    • Hourly aggregation
    • Tooltips with contextual help
    • New export formats:
      • PDF Export
      • Word Export
      • CSV Data Export
    • Image annotation on export
    • Branding on export (custom logo and color)
    • Cascading support for quick filters and global filters
    • Load pivot tables definition from Excel files
    • Microsoft Analysis Services:
      • Support for Named Sets
      • Selection Tree used in quick filters for hierarchies and dimensions
      • Folders and measure groups used when displaying dimensions and measures in the widget editor
      • Calculated fields post aggregation
    • Folders in local dashboards
    • Customization of the colors in a chart palette
    • New color picker
    • UX improvements
    • New Features (Enterprise version):
      • Open dashboard action: allows the selection of a row in a widget to open another dashboard using the selected row data as parameters
    • Stability improvements

    Please note that with ReportPlus 3 we are moving to a subscription format similarly to SharePlus 4.