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Circular gauge

i have been experimenting with Reportplus, and am starting to get somewhere, but I cannot understand what the circular gauge is meant to show, and how do you use it. It looks like it should show how much you've completed of a total amount? Please help.

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    Hello Nick,

    Thank you for your support request!

    The circular gauge is meant to show a current performance against a total, like car dashboards do. ReportPlus has also the ability to define bands, in which you can set color indicators. The gauge can be red for values of 0 to 40%, yellow for values between 41% and 80% and green for values of 81% and above.

    Imagine you're measuring how much of their goal your sales force has met this quarter. Their goal was 100K per salesman. John sold 90K, Paul sold 70K and George sold 45K. So you set the reference value of 100K and then each individual performance can be gauged. If you had defined the bands as in the previous paragraph, both Paul and George would be in the yellow band, while John would be in the green band.

    I hope this clarifies how gauges work.

    Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

    Take care,