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Ultrawebgrid not working on Windows 10 /IIS 10


we bought a new subscription to upgrade our infragistics controls to the latest version. To our disappointment the upgrade is not at all painless as most of the controls we used in our projects are discontinued. Especially upgrading the UltrawebGrid to the new WebDataGrid takes a lot of effort. As far as I understand we can still use the discontinued controls by using the versionfree assembly, and the last one where the UltraWebgrid is included is 2011. the easiest way to start the conversion for me is using the 2011 controls, but I have very strange problems developing on windows 10. The ultrawebgrid doesn't work at all. The layout is completely distorted, and editing data is impossible. When using Internet explorer in Compatibility mode it behaves as usual , when not in compatibility mode, or using Chrome or Microsoft Edge it becomes totally useless.
It seems to me that the problem is IIS 10 . When opening applications with Chrome or Edge on our website, using the Ulrawebgrid, they work quite fine. When I install the exact same aplication on my local IIS 10, they don't work at all. Same problem when developing with Visual Studio on IIS or on the ASP.Net development server. It sounds impossible that IIS 10 could corrupt the working of the ultragrid, but that's my only conclusion. I'm developping on a brand new Windows 10 laptop, with Visual Studio 2008 and 2015 installed , and Infragistics WebAdvantage 2015 and 2011.

See the printscreens of the exact same testproject running on Windows 7 development machine, and on Windows 10. On Windows 7 I can edit the data, on Windows 10 I can't, and I have a very strange layout.

Any idea what could be wrong ? Maybe an installation issue anyway ? But all other controls do work as normal. The DataWebgrid also works as expected. I'm not yet using the version free assembly, but the full 2011.1 assembly as there where problems in design mode with the versionless controls.
Related question ; is there indeed no versionfree ultrawebgrid in the 2015 package, or am I missing something ?

I've made a support request with the same questions, but I'm affraid I won't get much support as the controls are no longer support.
Anyone else having problems on Windows 10 ?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,