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UltraWebGridExcelExporter - DownloadName support for Excel 2007


I am currently using the Export method from the UltraWebGridExcelExporter class of the Infragistics35.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.ExcelExport.v11.1, Version=11.1.20111.2178 library to export an UltraWebGrid to Excel. This works as expected but I now wish to export data into Excel 2007 (.xlsx).

So far, I've set the WorkbookFormat to Excel 2007 which creates an Excel 2007 file but the DownloadName gets appended with an .xls extension. Is there a way to set the file extension for the DownloadName to xlsx with this version of the UltraWebGrid?


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    Hello Carl,

    Thank you for posting to our forum.

    The UltraWebGrid (infragistics version 11.1)is no longer supported.

    I have tested the scenario with the latest version of infragistics V 16.2 ,created a sample of WebDataGrid with WebExcelExporter and set the WorkbookFormat to Excel2007 and when I export the grid DownloadName file does append with the .xlsx extension.

    Code snippet:

    this.WebExcelExporter1.DownloadName = fileName;

    this.WebExcelExporter1.WorkbookFormat = Infragistics.Documents.Excel.WorkbookFormat.Excel2007;

    I would recommend you to upgrade your project from classic controls(V11.1) to latest Infragistics control 16.2 to get advantage of latest feature of WebDataGrid and for further assistance.

    You may be able to find and ask for more information on this in our retired controls forum section for the UltraWebGridExcelExporter.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance on this matter.

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