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Bind XamGrid Columns to Dictionary property of a custom object


I have a custom object which has a dictionary as a property:

public class MyObject


string Name {get;set;}

Dictionary<Tuple<string, int, string>, decimal?> MyDictionary {get;set;}


I am setting my XamGrid's ItemSource to an ObservableCollection<MyObject> and would like to bind columns in the XamGrid to elements in my Dictionary.

MyXamGrid.Columns.Add(new TextColumn() {Key = <PATH_TO_ACCESS_MyDictionary>, Header = "MyHeader"});

Is this possible?

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    Offline posted

    Hello Gary,

    Thank you for following up. Since the Columns collection on the XamGrid is not a dependency property it cannot be bound to. I recommend handling the XamGrid's ColumnAutoGenereated event and add the items to the Dictionary as each new column is generated.

    Let me know if you have any questions regarding this matter.