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Protoview Data table scroll doesn't work with Creators Update.

I have a website using Protoview Datatable in several pages. All the data table scroll bars don't work on machines with the Creators Update.

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    Being that these controls were last supported over 10 years ago and were never tested on any operating system after Windows XP (and may or may not have been tested on Windows XP) it is possible that something changed in the Windows Operating System that prevents the controls from working as expected.  Being that this is a web application, the recommendation is to update the application to use modern controls such as the igGrid which is part of Ignite UI.

    If you have issues in other applications as well, there is the possibility that there are driver issues after the upgrade.  Doing a search I did find a question on superuser that suggests that another individual has scrolling issues after the Creators Update:

    Firmware/Driver Issue or "Feature" with Creators Update?

    Let me know if you have any questions with this matter.